Two Old Folkies

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Sand Lake Center for the Arts, under the Squire Jacob Concert Series presents Two Old Folkies—Dennis D’Asaro started breathing in 1947, began playing guitar in 1960.  Stephen Minnich came along five years later, and started playing strings around 1963.  Neither is doddering yet!   Both have been part of the Sun Mountain and Shakespeare in the Alley bands and have played in coffeehouses and honkey-tonks from here to there.   Dennis is one heck-of-a-good singer who writes amazingly insightful songs.  The time he has spent in Ireland and Scotland has added to his ability to sing hauntingly beautiful Celtic ballads with the best of them, and his CD, Lovers in the Meadow, Rebels on the Moor, could have been recorded by a native— well, assuming that “native” has the voice and sensibilities of Dennis D’Asaro!  Stephen plays lead guitar on that CD, and will be joining Dennis to play bass, both standup and electric, in his inimitable style, and singing harmonies on October 20 at 8pm.  Join us at to hear the very best of these two accomplished and unique musicians, along with their inherent wit and energy.