The Thanksgiving Play

Event Details

This event finished on 20 November 2021

Date & Time
Sat, Jun 26, 1:30 PM – Sun, Nov 21, 2:30 PM EDT
Sand Lake Center for the Arts

2880 New York 43

Averill Park, NY 12018

A one-act satirical comedy about four white people trying to devise a politically correct First Thanksgiving play for Native American Heritage Month to be done in the schools. The director, Logan, hires a Native American actor to be their cultural compass. As Logan, Jaxton, and Caden defer to her for guidance, it is revealed that she is white and only plays Native American when she isn’t playing other ethnicities. Without the Native voice, these four white people now have to find their way through a crazy thicket of privilege, historical accuracy, and school district rules. Directed by Brian and Melanie Sheldon
Rated PG13

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