East of the Sun and West of the Moon

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This event finished on 18 November 2018

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

East of the Sun and West of the Moon.  A Norwegian tale in which a Prince is cursed by the Troll Queen and turned into a White Bear (polar bear).  A peasant girl is indentured to him, but when she sees his true form part of the curse is broken and Prince must now marry the Troll Queen’s daughter.  The peasant girl declares she will save him and travels to the ends of the Earth to do so – East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

As she is about to throw herself off the Edge of the World three Hags (witches) see her and are moved by her act of love.  They give her three gifts, then help her contact the four Winds.  The North Wind takes her to the Land of the Trolls where she uses her wits to trick the Trolls and save the Prince.

Tove – Melanie Couillard
Prince – Seamus Madden
The Bear – Kim Howland

Tove (the Daughter) – Melanie Couillard
Gjerd (Her cruel mother) – Valerie Bennett
Gunnhild (Her vain ugly older sister) – Sivan Adler
Trud (Her greedy shrill sister) – Emily Ryan
Knut (Her bullying brother) – Sydney Aurora
Einar (Her lazy nearsighted brother) – Elsa Lamont
Froy (Her gentle sister with a stutter) – Nadia Tell
Frid (His twin brother who’s mute) – Luca Raveendranath

The Witches
First Hag – Nadia Tell
Second Hag – Scarlet Sansone
Third Hag – Sienna Stewart

The Winds
East Wind – Emily Ryan
West Wind – Seamus Madden
South Wind – Kim Howland
North Wind – Elsa Lamont/Valerie Bennett

The Trolls
Troll Princess – Sivan Adler
Troll Queen Mother – Valerie Bennett
Durt (The bridesmaid) – Elsa Lamont
The Photographer – Sienna Stewart
The Minister – Nadia Tell
The Ringbearer – Scarlet Sansone
The Choir Mistress – Emily Ryan

Puppet Maker 
Jeff Brower