Beau Jest

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This event finished on 04 November 2018

Directed by John Birchler

Sarah is a nice Jewish girl with a problem: her parents want her married to a nice Jewish boy.  They have never met her boyfriend, a WASP executive named Chris Cringle.  (Don’t blame the director; blame the playwright.)  

She tells them she is dating a Jewish doctor and they insist on meeting him.  She plans a dinner party and, over the heated protests of Chris, employs an escort service to send her a Jewish date to play the role of Dr. Steinberg.  Instead, they send Bob Schroeder, an aspiring actor, and a Christian, who agrees to perform the impersonation.  Happily, he is extremely convincing in the role, and Sarah’s parents are enraptured.  Soon, even Sarah falls for Bob.  Comedic complications ensue.